• Cal EMA Case Study

Integrating People with Disabilities into Emergency Planning

California Emergency Management Agency

Communities throughout the country are wrestling with the complex issue of how to effectively transport people with disabilities and people with access and functional needs during critical incidents. During this two-year project, Nusura worked in seven California counties to improve evacuation plans, develop creative solutions to address a shortage of paratransit resources, and to integrate people with disabilities into the emergency planning process.

As part of the project, Nusura established project advisory groups comprised of representatives from local and regional offices of emergency services, first responders, area agencies on aging, local and regional departments of health and human services, public and private transportation providers, agencies responsible for adult and disabled healthcare services, school districts, and other public or private service providers who play a role in this issue. Importantly, Nusura also sought out and included individuals with functional needs to ensure that their perspectives were represented at the planning stage.
The project included producing a multimedia toolkit for emergency managers and transit agencies throughout the state to help them improve their evacuation planning for people with functional needs.
Check out the toolkit HERE.